Prime means being the best that you can be. Our mission is to get you there.

– Personal training studio. Your workout plan designed just for you.

– Results driven. Your dedicated, professional trainer to work with you to achieve your goals.

– No membership fee. You only pay when you train.

– No crowds. We are 100% by appointment only.

Prime means being the best that you can be. Our mission is to get you there.

At Prime, we refuse to accept that anybody is predisposed to be fat, weak, frail, or unhealthy. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were all in awesome physical condition. Every single one. No gyms, no heart rate monitors, no knowledge of what is a protein, a carbohydrate or a fat – just living a primal lifestyle.

Have you ever taken a look around a commercial gym to see how many people look healthy? You know, really athletic, energetic, vibrant. If you played this observation game on a regular basis, you would realize that not many people going to gyms are in shape. Sure, there will be a few outliers who look like proper athletes. But for every one of those, there are three or four others who look patently out of shape. And what’s worse is that the activities these people engage in whilst in the gym (and whilst outside the gym) are not going to get them in shape either. That’s not a problem for the gym though, because they still get their membership fees and can always claim to have made an effort.

The gym model is failing its users because it fails to link result and reward. Most gyms don’t care if you get in shape. They do not even care if you show up.

At Prime, we believe that’s just not good enough. When you spend money on fitness, you should expect results, not indifference.

At Prime, we have a different approach to training from what most gyms offer, which is based on science and research, not marketing gimmicks. You won’t find the latest cross-trainer machines with screens operating in 12 languages in our studios. Why? Because these are not useful for achieving any fitness objectives.? We also do not have any of the fancy muscle-isolation machines found in most gyms. Why? Because these are a dysfunctional and potentially unsafe way to train. What you will find is a lot of functional, effective training equipment and a group of highly knowledgeable and friendly trainers who can ensure you get a great workout every time.

At Prime, we also believe it is unsatisfactory to deal only with the training aspect of your health and fitness. Your body composition, appearance, and health, will be determined just as much, if not more by your diet, than it will by your activity. That’s why we provide comprehensive nutritional advice to our clients and stock the finest quality foods in our studios. We don’t believe in fad diets – our dietary prescriptions are based on the oldest and healthiest diet plan known to man, the hunter-gatherer diet, which is what your genetic code is expecting you to consume.