• All of our trainers have a minimum 1,000 hours hands-on, practical training experience and hold at least one internationally recognised training qualification.

  • Role models. Prime trainers are all competing or have competed at the very highest level in a variety of sporting and athletic disciplines.

  • You are not alone. Our trainers are all outgoing, friendly, and positive individuals who can inspire you to be your best.

Master Trainers

Denis Couprie, General Manager and Lululemon Ambassador. Denis has had a glittering athletic career filled with numerous awards and titles. After successfully serving as a parachute commando in the French army, Denis moved to London and fell in love with bodybuilding… Click here to read more about Denis’s experience and credentials.

Jose, was born in Madrid, Spain. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science (INEF), is a TRX Instructor (Level 2), and certified in Nutrition & Dietetics (IPS)… Click here to read more about Jose’s experience and credentials.

Kuka, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Physical Education as a sports training major. She have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years, specializing in physical training, body fat loss, rehabilitation, and fitness fighting. At the same time, she is also an NSCA-CPT US physical training certified trainer as well as Lululemon fitness ambassador…. Click here to read more about Kuka’s experience and credentials.

Sophia likes sports since childhood and is keen on marathon, badminton, cycling and other sports. She likes nature and is willing to try new things. Sophia has 7years of yoga teaching experience and is good at body posture adjustment, fat reduction and shaping, and essential stretching. She is good at functional training such as one-on-one personal training, physiotherapy yoga, posture adjustment, Pilates, Victoria’s Secret shaping, body weight training, core lifting, and has his own unique way of passive stretching. Her teaching method focuses on body alignment exercises.

Senior Trainers

Lala Chen, who started as a fitness enthusiast and now become a trainer, is good at strength building, body shaping, fat burning, fighting, functional training, etc. She is an amateur Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athlete at blue belt level and has participated in the national Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition and achieved good results. She also completed the ACE American Personal Trainer Certification training and clubbell level 1 certification.

Language proficiency: Chinese, English and Brazilian Portuguese;